lilli1601 (lilli1601) wrote in gale_lims,

Round I - Challenge #09 - FINALE

So, here's the finale for sweet_milo and opalescent!

Challenge #09 - FINALE

* only our two finalists can submit in this challenge!
* you may only use the given pictures. No blending, no animation.
* your icon must follow the LJ standards which are 100x100 px or less and 40KB or less.
* comment in this post with your entry. All comments will be screened.
* you have to get your entry in by Sunday 6th August 2006. Voting will start right after that.

[Please also follow the special rules for this finale listed below!]

(click on the thumbnail to see fullsize):

You have to make three icons using the given picture:

- a black/white icon. It may have a little color, but the b/w must be in the foreground!
- a border icon. The border must be recognizable!
- the last one is your choice.
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