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Gale Harold LIMS

Gale Last Icon Maker Standing

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Welcome to gale_lims, a Last Icon Maker Standing icontest featuring the amazing and so talented actor Gale Harold.
This is an icon challenge where at the end the best icon maker will be standing.

The rules
01. Sign up here to participate. If a round has already started, you can sign up for the next one in advance.
02. You MUST join the community to participate. If you simply want to be an observer and vote, feel free to join and/or friend this community as well.
03. Every Sunday there will be a challenge posted. You have to use the images and follow the rules that are given. All participants will have to make an icon, but only ONE icon. You have time until Friday night to get your entry in. If you don't you will be eliminated from the current round. Every participant has the opportunity to skip a challenge ONCE per round. If you wish to skip, please comment here!
04. You are NOT allowed to post your icon anywhere until the voting for the current challenge is closed.
05. The voting will start right after the challenge has closed. You have to vote for the 3 worst icons, not the best! Comment with your vote and please also choose a favorite icon. You do not have to comment your votes but please at least try to give a reason why you chose your favorite icon.
06. Voting is open to everyone not only for members. Also, participants are allowed and welcome to vote as well!
07. Voting will be closed on Sundays. One or two (it depends on number of participants and number of votes) icon(s) with most of the negative votes will be eliminated from the current round. There will also be chosen a People's Choice icon.
08. Promote this community!

Questions? Ask here!

Please PIMP this community so we can start as soon as possible!

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