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Round I - Voting #08

First of all, I am truely sorry for not updating. My notebook is broken so I can't be online as much as I'd like to. But anyways, here's the voting.

Voting #08

* EVERYONE is allowed to vote.
* vote for one (01) icon this time you like the least If you vote for less or more than one icon, your vote will not be counted.
* also vote for one (01) icon you like the most. Please try to give a reason why. It's not totally required but would be nice to display after voting. If you do not vote for a favorite icon, your vote will not be counted.
* do not vote for yourself (that's clear, isn't it?)
* comment in this post with your vote. ALL comments will be screened.
* voting will be closed on Saturday 22nd July 2006
* Unfortunately gorthead has been disqualified for not getting an entry in

01 02 03

remember to vote for only one icon this time!

your vote should look like this:

least favorite icon:

favorite icon:
#44 - the cropping and coloring is well done.
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